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MGT gestó i consultoria

Over 50 years in management, serving individuals, the self-employed and companies.

We at MGT GESTIÓ I CONSULTORIA have a long professional history in insurance management, tax and accounting advice and business consultancy.

MGT is a family-run business with two generations of history. It began in Barcelona, in the insurance sector. The growth of the company and its portfolio led to its expansion and diversification of the professional services MGT offers its clients in the field of tax advice and business consultancy.

Consequently we have been advising our clients, both individuals and companies, on their financial, equity and personal protection for over half a century.

  • In terms of insurance, MGT is accredited as a Insurance Broker Company.
  • As a management consultancy for companies, we provide a highly professionalised service, aimed at the economic-financial, management and organisation fields.
  • Our tax, accounting and administrative advisory services are provided to companies, professionals and individuals as bespoke and personalised services, according to the requirements of each client.

Team and values

We are a qualified and multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in every field. A team devoted to protecting our clients’ needs, in all areas of their personal life and their professional evolution.

Our company values are our most prized possession. Maintaining them over so many years has helped us win the trust of so many people and companies, earn the loyalty of our clients… and continue growing.

Our values

  • Agility and Speed in communications with the client and in the management of our work.
  • Commitment and Trust in the relationship with each and every one of our clients.
  • Experience and Professionalism of each  and every one of the members of our team.
  • Rigour and Transparency in each project or matter we tackle.

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